RBD Palm Olein CP 10 C


:   N/A

Cas Number

:   8002-75-3

HS Code

:   1511.90.36




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Light Yellow to White Liquid

Common Names

:   RBD PO


: 10L net jerry cans

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

RBD Palm Olein is a refined, bleached and deodorized form of palm oil. Palm oil is initially extracted from palm fruit. RBD palm olein is the liquid fraction obtained by the fractionation of palm oil after crystallization at controlled temperatures. The type of RBD palm olein is differentiated from the cloud point of the olein. The cloud point is the temperature at which olein will start to cloud or crystallize. The cloud point determines the degree of saturation and the stability of the olein in low temperature.

Manufacturing Process

Dry Fractionation: The process of dry fractionation utilizes physical processes with no chemical additives; therefore, there is no yield lost and no contamination. Initially, the RBD oil is heated to an estimated 70ºC and homogenized to completely melt the glycerides, and then hot and homogenized oil is allowed to cool in a controlled manner. Chilled water is circulated to decrease the temperature of the oil. When the oil temperature reaches the desired cooling temperature, the cooling process is stopped. The thick crystallized mass is filtered using a drum rotary filter. The membrane filters liquid RBD palm olein and solid RBD palm stearin.

Detergent Fractionation: This process is mainly used for the fractionation of crude palm oil. The RBD palm oil is first cooled in a crystallizer with chilled water to allow the crystallization of higher melting glycerides. When it reaches the desired cooling temperature, crystallized mass is mixed with an aqueous detergent solution containing 0.05% sodium lauryl sulphate and magnesium sulphate. The crystallized mass is wetted with detergent and separated out in suspension in an aqueous solution. The mixture is sent to the centrifugal separator. Centrifugal force allows the lighter phase olein to discharge and stearin to remain in the heavier phase.

The CP of olein shows the cloud point of the compound. Approaching the cloud point temperature, the oil will start to cloud and crystallize. The cp represents the degree of unsaturation and the stability of  olein. The grade for this particular olein is set up to 10℃.

Food Industry

RBD Palm Olein is especially suitable for frying and cooking. Main applications of RBD palm olein include salad and cooking oils in households, industrial frying fat of instant noodles, potato chips, doughnuts and condensed milk.

In comparison with other vegetable frying oil, RBD palm olein has excellent frying properties to produce high quality and tasty frying foods. RBD palm olein has a high oxidative resistance; therefore, RBD palm olein frying oil has a longer shelf life. 

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