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Potassium Persulfate

Potassium Persulfate in Tradeasia


Dipotassium [(sulfonatoperoxy) sulfonyl] oxidanide

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Basic Info


White Crystalline Powder

Common Names

Anthion, Potassium peroxydisulfate, KPS, Potassium peroxodisulfate, Dipotassium peroxydisulfate


25kgs plastic woven bag, 25 MT / 20 FCL, 22 MT / 20 FCL with pallet

Brief Overview
Potassium persulfate, also known as potassium peroxydisulfate or KPS is an inorganic white solid that is sparingly soluble in cold water, but dissolves better in warm water.

Manufacturing Process
Potassium persulfate solution can be prepared by electrolysis of Potassium bisulphate solution using sulphuric acid as an electrolyte. Potassium persulfate can also be manufactured by chemical reaction of Potassium bisulphate with Ammonium peroxydisulfate soluble salt. Potassium persulfate can also be prepared by chemical oxidation of potassium sulphate with fluorine.

Chemical Industry
Potassium persulfate is used as an oxidizing agent in the preparation of aldehyde, Ketones, carboxylic acid, quinones and other compounds.

It is used in hair bleaches and hair lighteners where it decolorizes or lighten hair by oxidizing the colors present in the hair shaft.

Polymer Industry
Potassium persulfate is used as an initiator for emulsion polymerization reactions in the preparation of acrylics, polyvinyl chlorides, polystyrenes, and neoprene. It is also used as a polymerization initiator in the manufacture of synthetic rubber (styrene butadiene and isoprene) for automobile and truck tires. Persulfate initiation is also used to prepare latex polymers for paints, coatings, and carpet backings. Potassium persulfate is used as initiators in polymeric concrete formulations.

Surface Preparation
Potassium persulfate acts important oxidants in plating and coating processes. They are used to clean and micro-etch a printed circuit board substrates, and also serve as etchants for metal alloys (Nickel, Zinc and Aluminium).  Potassium persulfate used to clean Aluminium, brass, copper and many other metal surfaces before plating or adhesive bonding.

Potassium persulfate is used as a food additive. It is used in water treatment which is used to oxidize non-filterable waste in swimming pools and other recreational water.

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