Chromium Oxide

Chromium Oxide

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  • Oxo(oxochromiooxy)chromium
  • 2819
  • Cr2O3
  • Green Crystalline Powder
  • 1308-38-9
  • Chromium (III) Oxide; Chromia
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Brief Overview

Chromium oxide or chromia occurs in nature as a rare mineral called eskolaite and is a highly insoluble compound with high thermal stability, having the properties of both an acid and a base.


Manufacturing Process

It is produced through the reduction of sodium dichromate using sulfur at high temperatures indicated by the redox reaction

Na2Cr2O7 + S → Na2SO4 + Cr2O3

Ammonium dichromate, on heating, decomposes into chromium (III) oxide, water, and nitrogen

(NH4)2Cr2O7 → Cr2O3 + N2 + 4H2O

Chromium (iii) carbonate is heated to form chromium (III) oxide and carbon dioxide:

Cr2(CO3)3 → Cr2O3 + 3CO2

Ink, Glass, and Paint Industry

- used as the green pigment


Ceramic Industry

- colorant

- used to produce a faint green tinge in glazes


Leather Industry

- abrasive for polishing or stropping the edges of razors, knives, and surfaces of optical devices

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